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Launching On 2nd March 2015.

Foreword from the Chairman Tea Board of India

Indian tea industry has grown and changed manifold since the days of Major. Robert Bruce. The need of the hour is to sustain this magnificent industry providing livelihood to the millions of the people and wonderful flavours of tea to consumers.

Given the growing importance attached to the Food Safety standards, Tea Board is focusing on developing sustainable tea code based on Indian realities and globally accepted sustainability principles. This sustainability code is being developed in partnership with IDH-Sustainable Trade Initiatives, Solidaridad, Rainforest Alliance; and with the support of Hindusthan Unilever Limited.

Tea Board is of the view that effective implementation of the code is bound to improve the social and economic conditions of the tea industry and at the same time will protect the environment, as a result of which consumers would be assured of getting a safe and good cup of tea. Thus, securing long term sustainability of the India tea industry will significantly benefit all the stakeholders of the tea industry.

The code encompasses all aspects of tea production and seeks to embrace sustainability principles to boost productivity, maintain safety standards to improve quality compliance, and inclusion of small farmers in the mainstream. Ultimately the sustainability code would symbolise to the consumers that what they get to drink is a healthy cup of tea .

Date : 11th July 2013

MGVK Bhanu
Chairman, Tea Board of India

What is trustea?

The trustea code is designed to evaluate the social, economic, agronomic and environmental performance of Indian tea estates, smallholders and Bought Leaf Factories (BLFs).

It is expected that the compliance with the code not only improves competitiveness of the tea farms but also facilitates the tea farms in achieving compliance with national regulations and international sustainability standards in a step-wise approach. The applicable control points under eleven chapters are required to be adhered to within a four year period, resulting in full compliance in a step wise approach by end of year 3. The India tea code allows producers to show that they operate responsibly – producing quality tea according to strict social and environmental standards. The verification under the code provides manufacturers with the assurance of responsible production and provides opportunities to credibly demonstrate this to their customers.

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The trustea Secretariat is pleased to announce the launch of the new trustea code(Version 2), with effect from January 1st 2015


Why join trustea?


  • Technical support on the field
  • Strengthen smallholder cooperatives
  • Provide training of trainers
  • Provide support to estates and smallholders in preparing for the audits and undertake improvements


  • Improved consumer safety leading to reputational benefits and better consumer loyalty
  • Higher yields addressing security of supply
  • Improved hygiene in factories addressing food safety issues.
  • Controlled and safe handling /use of pesticides
  • Improved environment
  • Improved image of Indian tea globally

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How trustea works?

    How trustea work hdh

 trustea program


The trustea program in time seeks to sustainably transform around 500 million kgs (20% of all black tea in the world) or 51% of all tea produced in India. The program will benefit around 500.000 workers (50% of all tea workers in India) and 40.000 smallholders (26% of all smallholders) who are growing tea on around 300,000 hectares of land.

The program is funded by Hindustan Unilever Limited, TATA Global Beverages and IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative. Solidaridad and ETP are the implementing partners for the program. Rainforest Alliance is involved as technical advisor. The 5-year program runs from 2012-2016 and aims to target 600+ factories, 500.000 tea plantation workers and 40.000 smallholders.

The main focus for the program is to accelerate transformation of the Indian tea market in close partnership with tea industry stakeholders. It includes the development and implementation of a tea sustainability code based on Indian realities but without compromising on globally accepted sustainability principles. The India specific sustainability tea code will be developed from the industry, by the industry and for the industry. Effective implementation of the code will assist in improving the social, economic and environmental performance of Indian tea producers and provide sustainable tea to rapidly growing numbers of discernible Indian tea consumers. Besides setting up the domestic tea code the Program will offer training services to producers to comply with the code. Three Farmer Support Centres will be set up to facilitate such services. An important element of the program will be to create clarity among the multiple standards. Producers that comply with internationally accepted standards such as Rainforest Alliance, will automatically quality against the domestic tea code. A clear roadmap from the domestic code to the international sustainability standards will be prepared if demanded by the producers/marketing companies.

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