About trustea

trustea is an Indian sustainability code and verification system for the tea sector, which addresses some of these challenges. The code enables producers, buyers and others involved in Indian tea businesses to obtain tea that has been produced according to agreed, credible, transparent and measurable criteria.

The program is working with smallholder tea growers, bought leaf factories, estates and packers to address issues such as poor working conditions, health and safety of tea workers, water pollution, food safety, soil erosion and contamination, gender issues and adverse effects of climate change.


To sustainably transform the Indian tea industry for the benefit of consumers, workers, farmers and the environment, by:

      • Verifying tea producers against a world class sustainability code of conduct.
      • Working with tea industry to address key sustainability challenges such as food safety, stagnating yields, pest and disease control, living wages, worker welfare and equality, preservation of bio-diversity and improvement of livelihood of smallholders.


An India tea industry provides high quality and safe tea for consumers, good livelihoods for producers, workers and their families, whilst at all times caring for the natural environment.