How does one get verified under trustea?

In the first year, the entity going for verification needs to undertake external verification audits by auditors approved by the Code secretariat, as per the verification protocol. The audits will then be conducted every alternate year. In the years, when there are no external audits, the verified unit must conduct internal audits and supply the audit report to the trustea secretariat.

The code is designed towards a progressive achievement of complete compliance by the third year. The “Mandatory” and “Other Criteria” in the Code have been divided into four segments covering 11 chapters. In each segment, the verified unit will need to meet 100 percent of Mandatory control points and 50 percent other Criteria in the first year, 65% in the second year and 80% in the third year. If a control point is not applicable, it will be adjusted accordingly for the percentage of control points required for verification.

However, a non-applicable control point will not get any additional percentage point. The total compliance percentage points (Mandatory and Other Criteria)is -Year 1: 82%, Year 2: 88% and Year 3: 93%. Further, there will be 0.5 marks for minor non-compliances if the auditors can assure that the unit is progressing towards full compliance