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For the last 10 years, change has been brewing in the Indian tea industry. The trustea Sustainable Tea Foundation has been working on the ground, with tea estates, bought leaf factories and small tea growers to improve compliance to laws and to quality standards. It has called for continuous handholding as we work with our member entities.

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The impact has been significant if you look at the change it has effected. The outcome of these measures is tea that is:

Farmed responsibly

We work with our farmers to ensure that they use authorised plant protection formula, follow safe pest management techniques, adopt environment and people friendly pest control measures. All of this ensures reduced use of chemicals without affecting the yield of tea. On our member farms, you can expect to see hedges that act as vegetative barriers, native plants and trees that support the fauna of the region, composting and mulching operations to improve soil health etc. Our tea is grown responsibly.

Deforestation free

Our members comply with the rule to support the environment by increasing afforestation and not adding forest land to tea cultivation. What’s more, land that is not being used for tea must be left for forest restoration. Environment protection is a focus area, and our members are expected to record wildlife sightings and ensure steps to prevent poaching, hunting or trafficking.

100% Traceable

The tracetea app enables end-to-end traceability of the tea by tracking the tea’s journey from farm to factory and beyond. At the farm end, the farmer records volume of tea plucked and sold, wages paid, chemicals used and dates of spraying. At the production end, every detail from receiving the tea leaves through the multiple production steps are recorded. While this improves efficiencies in production, it also offers consumers a clear view of their tea’s journey.

Safe and fair to employees

With over half the workforce made up of women, with most of the workforce working as pluckers, sprayers and factory workers, we have focussed on improving awareness about workplace rights, workplace safety, grievance redressal measures, hygiene, sanitation etc. We have worked with both employees and management to create pathways for feedback and airing problems. Information on things like the Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment Act are communicated via regular programmes so that women know their rights while also being made aware of what to do should they have a grievance. These measures have helped us build a progressively stronger workplace.

Safe for consumers

Cleanliness and hygiene, both personal and of the workplace, is just one of many areas that we have worked on, training and building awareness among those in the tea industry. Like Seethalakshmi, there are over 600,000 people working in the tea sector, who have been trained on handling tea cleanly and hygienically. They have also learnt the importance of a clean and safe factory. This means access to clean toilets and wash basins for the staff, attention to sanitation and cleanliness in the factory, adopting safety gear and safety protocols in handling chemicals and heavy equipment.What these cumulatively offer is tea that adheres to food safety standards as stipulated by the FSSAI and Plant Protection Code.

trustea. Working for an India tea industry that provides high quality and safe tea for consumers, good livelihoods for producers, workers and their families, whilst at all times caring for the natural environment.

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Enabling Positive Change in
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As one of the largest producers and consumers of tea, India is at the centre of the global tea industry. In recent years, the tea sector has changed considerably with the emergence of small tea growers. They sell their produce to bought leaf factories who then process and sell tea. This new structure raised several sustainability challenges, including lack of sufficient knowledge in tea cultivation and processing, adherence to quality standards and food safety, and compliance with laws around environment, workers, and the workplace.

trustea is an Indian sustainability code and verification system for the tea sector, which addresses some of these challenges. It enables producers, traders and consumers access to tea that has been produced according to agreed, credible, transparent and measurable criteria.


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